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Steven Grambergs has been a member of the South Forsyth community for his entire life. As a student, he attended our district's schools from Big Creek Elementary to Lambert High and has seen the amazing transformation undergone in both our school systems and the community.

Throughout the years, Steven has been active in both the political and business realms. Steven has served political campaigns including Senator David Perdue and has been featured on political outlets such as NPR and CNN.

Since graduating from the Terry School of Business at the University of Georgia, Steven has worked in startups and small businesses, and has experience in the medical and technology industries.

Millennials make up 32% of GA’s population.

Our representation in State Legislature? 3%
— Steven

On the issues


Saying No To Higher Taxes & More Government

The proposal to incorporate the city of Sharon Springs would mean another layer of government, more bureaucrats, and higher taxes for the residents of our district. Independent reports have shown that the revenue shortfall created by the new city would absolutely lead to an increase in taxes or massive cuts in services, while creating more government, and providing little benefit to combating our school overcrowding and traffic issues. 


Fiscal Responsibility

A staunch supporter of low taxes and smart spending, Steven will work to ensure that whatever taxes you pay are spent effectively and efficiently. Our government should never be spending more than it takes in, and Steven only supports budgets that balance.


Responsible Growth

South Forsyth is an exceptional community, and has become a beacon for development. As we welcome new families to our community, we need to ensure that our infrastructure reflects the size of our population. Overcrowding in schools and road congestion have become more prevalent as our community grows. Steven believes that we should not halt development, but ensure that as we scale in size, we must be certain that we have the resources and infrastructure to support our existing residents.

Supporting Small Businesses

Home to many successful small businesses, the Forsyth county area should always be accommodating towards those who look to bring jobs and support for the local economy. Steven supports efforts to make it easier for entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses in our district.

Fight School Overcrowding

As a former student of the district, Steven has seen our school's overcrowding firsthand. He believes that we should look to limiting development in school zones that are currently over or at their student capacity. Trailers being installed at educational facilities that are only a few years old is a sign that we are exceeding our schools capacity much too fast. Steven supports measures that will alleviate the strain on crowded schools and fairly accommodate all students in our community. 


Term Limits

Congressional bodies in both state and the nation often have extremely low approval ratings, yet incumbents rarely lose their seats. Politics should never be a career. Steven will support term limits to ensure that new and fresh ideas are brought in by new legislators.


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